Rebeckha Lynn Whitefield Foundation

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Rebeckha's Story

Rebeckha Lynn Whitefield

Rebeckha Lynn Whitefield was an average teenager.  She had friends, she had dreams, she had passions, she had potential and most of all she had a love of life.  Unfortunately for all of us, God wanted her more and took her from us much too soon.  Becky was with us for only 17 years, but she left her mark with everyone that met her.

For the many that knew her, we have our cherished memories to hold dear forever.  Growing up, Rebeckha and her father, Mike, were inseparable.  Mike felt it was important for Rebeckha to experience everything a young daughter or child could.  With every activity Becky participated in, whether it was cheer leading with the South Attleboro White Hawks, horseback riding or playing field hockey, her number of friends grew and her enjoyment of each activity increased.

In school, Rebeckha was an honor roll student.  She loved her teachers and fellow students.  She was an avid reader and always enjoyed going to the library and bookstore to peruse the latest favorites.  She was a "reading machine" and her love of reading came before anything. Becky loved getting engrossed in school projects, but we’re not sure if it was because of the interesting topics or that she just enjoyed hanging with her friends.

Rebeckha would be so proud of her father, her family and her many friends for how they’ve continued to remember her in such a worthwhile manner.  Knowing that she’s helping hundreds of kids in the Attleboro area participate in all kinds of different activities